SuperGram’s Guide to Effective Instagram Giveaways and Contests

With a seemingly endless torrent of photos and videos flooding your followers’ Instagram feeds, how will your posts manage to stand out and get noticed? While high-quality photos, cleverly shot videos, and engaging captions are a must, there’s got to be a shortcut, right?

Of course there is – Giveaways provide an immediate incentive for follower engagement, and well crafted giveaways are the number one best, most cost-effective way to snag new followers, and more importantly, potential customers.

Our team at SuperGram have designed and managed hundreds of giveaway campaigns for our brand partners over the past 5 years. We’ve had great successes, and frustrating failures. Below, we will discuss a couple of our tips and tricks for unlocking your giveaway campaigns’ maximum potential.

  1. Don’t go overboard – We cringe every time we see a business devoting hundreds, sometimes thousands, of items for a giveaway. While your cost of goods may be low enough to make the individual items cheap enough to giveaway, effectively fulfilling all those prize packages is often expensive, and rather time consuming. Worst yet, if the number of entries into the contest is less than the total amount of prize packages you’ve pledged to giveaway, you’re basically telling potential customers that you can’t even give your products away for free. So keep it simple, stick to just a handful of prize packages. We’ve seen essentially no difference between prize packages for 3 winners, compared to prize packages with hundreds of winners. It’s the prize packages themselves that entice people, not necessarily the sheer number of potential winners.
  2. Keep it simple – this principal doesn’t just apply to the the total number of potential winners in a giveaway, it also applies to the rules for entry. Don’t require your followers to like, follow, comment, tag friends, and follow even more unrelated accounts in an ill-conceived cross-promotional campaign. All this does is raise the barrier to entry, ensuring the fewest amount of interested followers. In our experience, requiring a follow and a share, or ‘re-post,’ is the best combination for a giveaway. It ensures the post goes at least semi-viral through the act of re-posting, and it helps you retain interested individuals by requiring them to follow your page.
  3. Utilize growth automation tools – SuperGram is all about taking the guess work out of social media campaigns. By using our automated engagement services, you’re guaranteed to get the maximum value out of each giveaway campaign. Our Automation tools target new users and help spread the word so they can see and participate in your giveaways, helping to turn potential followers into future customers.

Got any giveaway tips of your own? Have any questions for the SuperGram team? Share your thoughts below and let’s start building a path towards reaching your social media goals together, with SuperGram!


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