What is Instagram Automation?

Instagram Automation is the act of automating your activity on Instagram in order to gain followers, engage with your target audience, or simply spread your message. With SuperGram, you can automate the following behaviors: Liking, Commenting, Following, and Unfollowing. SuperGram merely automates the activity you should already be doing on your own, but better than you ever could.

Why would I want to automate my Instagram activity?

If you are actively trying to grow your Instagram profile you probably already know that the best way to grow your account is by posting high-quality and unique content. Do you know what the 2nd best strategy is? The answer: being active and engaging with other users. 

Being consistently active on Instagram is the best way to organically grow your account. Although high quality content is absolutely crucial to convert page visitors into followers, being consistently active on Instagram is the best way to maximize the number of profile visits you receive. You can do this by automating your account’s liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing activities.


Finding potential followers with a preexisting interest in your niche/industry is key to becoming an Instagram success. With SuperGram, this process couldn’t be easier with a range of targeting options. Target potential followers by the hashtags they use, their location, their gender, and best of all – who they are already following, like your competitors or popular accounts in a similar niche. The more targeted your potential audience is, the more engagement your profile will receive in return.

Auto Liking:

Auto liking allows you to ensure that your profile is actively liking 900-1300 photos each day. Liking relevant photos or posts from users with an expressed interest in your niche is a great way to bring more traffic to your profile.

Auto Commenting:

Auto Commenting is an easy and effective way to communicate directly with other users. You can use this feature to leave automated comments on photos that are related to your brand/niche. Simple comments like “love this!” or “checkout my page” usually work best, along with basic emojis like the ‘thumbs up’. You can also use auto commenting to promote a special discount or giveaway that you may be running. Spintax is supported.

Auto Following/Unfollowing:

With the right targeting settings, Auto Following is the single best way to grow your following. This ensures that your profile will follow hundreds of users each day with an expressed interest in your niche. Eventually, SuperGram will enter into an ‘unfollow cycle’ to make room for new accounts to be followed. By default, SuperGram will NEVER unfollow an account that you, manually, have selected to follow; SuperGram can even be set to only unfollow accounts that do not follow your account back. Keep in mind that Instagram has a hard limit of 7,500 accounts that your account may follow at any one time.

Tying it all together:

Here’s a real world example that may spark some inspiration in you. Let’s say you own a online pet store focused on cats. You sell everything from cat food to toys and even feline hygiene products. Your niche can thus be boiled down to simply “cats”. You can setup your auto-liker to target #cats and #catlovers. You can setup your auto-commenter to browse #cats and #catlovers and leave a comment that says “cute kitty!” or even just “meow”. Lastly, you can setup the auto follower/unfollower to target people who are already following a popular cat related profile like @catloversclub. The result: your profile is now automatically interacting with thousands of cat-lovers every day. You wake up to hundreds of new Instagram followers and a bunch of hits to your website. You now have tons of extra time to focus on curating high quality content and growing your business.

At the end of the day, your success on Instagram can be represented by a simple formula:

Followers Gained is equal to the # of visitors  multiplied by your profile’s conversion rate. Automating your Instagram activity is the best way to maximize the number of visitors you send to your profile. Once there, it is the quality of your posts that will determine your profile’s conversion rate, so make sure your profile is filled with quality content!

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June 11, 2019

is this only for business? or can It be used to grow a vanity account?

    June 14, 2019

    SuperGram can certainly be used to grow a vanity account or any other type of account for that matter. As long as you are posting quality content, SuperGram will work its magic.


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